Saluda, NC

I’m a social democratic intellectual who has converted his Catholic upbringing into an agnostic humanism that seeks to find ways to serve humankind. I’ve taught, done legal research and investigation, and moved 35 million pounds(no fooling)of household goods all over Atlanta and the U.S. in order to support my writing habit when it did not provide the income to support the inevitable outgo of my existence. My goal is to have echoes of my work survive down the ages, long after my body has rotted back to the forest’s hummus from which our lives have sprung. I’ve published and produced a smattering of a hundred odd bits and pieces nationally, less than a per cent of the oceanic reservoir of material that I long to deliver to an audience, a vast audience that can imbibe the healing energy and insights of the stories which have come to me. That the world needs such tales and scenarios now seems like a no-brainer to me. Stories continue to inundate me. I live most days deep in God’s grace the sense of belonging right where I am in the midst of All-That-Is. I feel connection coming my way, almost in spite of my shy and intraverted nature, despite the fact that folks have long misunderstood my passion to have impact as arrogance and self-righteous know-it-all energy. I do know a lot, but part of the magic that has defined my life is an uncanny capacity to meet “ordinary” folks who reveal their most utterly extraordinary selves to me, in a fashion that compels me to ask that others pay attention and acknowledge the goddess gracious goodness that lives in all of us. At the least, as I say, “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!!


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